Farm Solutions

We know and understand the nature of farming.24/7/365. This is a non-stop career, and most farmers can simply not even consider a much-needed break-away or holiday.

Proaxion can play an important role to assist and support farm security through camera technology and remote switch technology.


Our products assist with the monitoring at the most critical control points:

  • Your home and other farm buildings:

    • Most farmers depend on their dogs to warn them against intruders, and farm houses are not even equipped with burglar bars or fencing. 

    • With our IP or trail camera technology, a picture of the possible intruder will be send to your mobile device and an alarm can be triggered to notify you proactively of any possible intrusion.  This will allow you enough time to assess the situation and act accordingly.

  • Access control solutions:

    • This solution offers you visibility of all access roads and gates to your farm. To support this, we offer various “off the grid” solutions that include Fixed Broadband Wireless and solar powered solutions.

  • Remote surveillance and control solutions:

    • With IP camera technology, we aim to ensure peace of mind by providing 24-hour access via your Smartphone and the internet to your surveillance system from any location in the world (note: you need an internet connection). We also provide remote switches and tracking devices (GPRS / GSM and / or mobile phone supported)

  • We facilitate integrated farm community solutions which provide “blanket coverage”, securing the entire farming community and its inhabitants.

Everyone is a potential victim of crime. Whether you are living on your own, or with your family, or being a single parent with children. Most importantly, we all want a peaceful sleep and a safe home.

Per the 2015/2016 SAPD statistics, the occurrence of housebreaking is at least one per minute in SA.

These Stats also shows that most housebreaking/burglary incidents occur at night, followed by late afternoon and the early morning hours. The most popular method of entry used by perpetrators during housebreaking/burglary is access through a door (40.7%) followed by through a window (36.1%). 


A housebreak takes approximately 10 minutes:

  • 1-2 minutes to enter your premises

  • 1-3 minutes to get into your house

  • 5 minutes to search through your house

  • 1-2 minutes to get away


Proaxion has a solution that will help you to see them before they can see you.


Having our cameras in place, will give you up to 5 minutes’ time to prepare.

This can save your life, or that of your loved ones. By detecting potential danger, you can anticipate their actions, and be prepared.


Proaxion provides more than just security for your home. We look at all the potential risk indicators, and also supply customised solutions for:

  • Nanny Cams and child tracking devices

  • Monitoring of your elderly loved ones 

  • Pet monitoring (be sure your pet is taken care of while you are away from home)

  • Wireless switches and access control

  • Access control at flats, cluster housing and complexes, as well as neighbourhood watch support

  • Integrated camera monitoring solutions to cluster housing and blocks of flats and neighbourhood watch

Home Security Solutions

Business Security Solutions

The same solutions apply to business property than to residential property.

Proaxion offers IP camera technology and surveillance solutions to:

  • Office blocks (inside and outside)

  • Shopping malls (inside and outside)

  • Parking bays and lots

Hunting Solutions

We have the utmost respect for nature, and therefore share the following quote from the SA Hunters- and Game Conservation Association’s Code of conduct should serve as a guideline:

  • “Hunt with compassion and to utilize from nature with utmost discretion;

  • Employ my firearms with skill and consideration, and with understanding for the value of life”;

  • The privilege and attendant obligation to take the life of an animal cleanly and surely under hunting conditions should be taken very seriously by every responsible hunter.

For effective hunting support (whether it be culling or normal hunting, and even wild life surveillance), we focus on items that also add value from a security perspective.

These items include:

  • Night vision binoculars and scopes

  • Thermal binoculars and scopes

  • Laser lights and spot laser accessories.

To add to this, we also provide a specific range of extreme night lights including:

  • Floodlights

  • Spotlights