Following the privilege of growing up on a farm, I had an 18 years’ career at the SADF. Both these 2 stages of my life emphasised the vulnerability of our human beings.


After SADF, I had a followed a career in IT and business engineering environment for 9 years. During this time, was actively involved in nature conservation. All my hobbies and interests enabled me to enjoy and understand nature. 


Joining the SA Hunters Association gave me the privilege to hunt on private farms, and take part in night animal surveillance activities. This gave me the opportunity to network and work with several farmers, and realised once again how often they must face a variety of security challenges.


My background, prior experience and interests all came together, when Proaxion was founded as a result. Proaxion specialises in customised security and surveillance solutions, based on in-depth experience and knowledge of the topic.


We believe in taking proactive action to secure your personal belongings, business assets and most importantly, your loved ones.

Our goal and approach

  • We support the safety of individuals, groups, families

  • We identify potential risk areas

  • We promote pro-active security measures which compliment your existing security solutions

  • We provide customised solutions with interactive monitoring systems

  • We creating blanket coverage by linking all involved in an integrated security network

  • Involving the various communities, security services / SAPS.

Our Motto -  “See them before they see you”